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All grates for surface drains must be secure and provide easy access for maintenance and cleaning to ensure continual optimum drainage performance

All removable grates should be secured to prevent movement by traffic, which can cause damage to the trench and/or grate. Once the channel is damaged the drain can become unsafe for pedestrians, noisy and expensive to rectify. Aesthetics can be adversely impacted.



There are a number of locking options available, these include:

  • Boltless locking mechanism (most urban hardscape applications)
  • Bolt locking
  • Security bolts (sensitive areas)



Discrete access points for slotted covers

ACO also offers discrete access points which help the designer preserve the visual continuity of the pavement. To learn more about discrete access points visit ACO’s In-line pits.

When considering lockability, ensure the grate can be easily accessed for maintenance. ACO’s Drainlok system is barless and boltless which facilitates quick access for maintenance.

Slot drains and permeable drains are held down by the weight of their infill materials/pavers and generally do not require a fastening system unless installed in sensitive areas (e.g. correctional facilities) or fast moving traffic (e.g. roads).

Pit Indistinguishable From The Drain

Pit indistinguishable from the drain

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