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Custom 'Freestyle' grates

It is desirable that urban spaces relate and coordinate with existing structures. Areas such as entrances, walkways, courtyards, streetscapes and shared access areas, whether public or private can all have their appearance significantly enhanced with the creative use of ACO ‘Freestyle’ grates. ACO ‘Freestyle’ enables designers to incorporate contextual visual elements to their project by providing the tools to create unique custom designed iron grates that are compatible with ACO’s Polycrete® Channels.

Flexible production tools at ACO’s foundries make it possible for designers to create unique pedestrian safe grates with the DrainLok locking mechanism compatible with ACO’s standard KlassikDrain channel.

If required, ACO can assist to incorporate the desired level of slip resistance to the grate for the application.

Heelsafe Anti-slip Criteria


Available as part of a complete drainage system

  • Lockable grates for 50mm, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm modular channels with 0.5% built-in fall within the channel
  • General purpose, heavy duty and shallow depth drain systems are available.

To learn more about slip resistance and acceptable slot size for pedestrian traffic, visit ACO’s education pages.

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