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ACO’s Free Project Design Services

ACO’s Technical Services can assist designers in 3 areas

  1. Provide surface drainage layout recommendations to harmonise with flat drainable pavement design
  2. Assess the risk of hydraulic failure in leafy, silty or littered environments.
  3. Customise your grate
ACO Heelsafe Project Support
ACO Heelsafe Optimum Surface Drainage Layout

1. Optimum surface drainage layouts

Designers are familiar with the COST INFLUENCE CURVE, where the ability to influence project costs diminishes with time. This means that ‘unconsidered’ or ‘late decisions’ can have enormous negative impacts on projects overshooting their budgets.

ACO can assist designers make ‘correct’ early decisions on drainage concepts that benefit pavement design and can be efficiently costed. ACO will focus on:

  • Minimising earthworks & pipework
  • Utilising existing levels and drainage infrastructure
  • Integrating other water management requirements: Rainwater harvesting or other WSUDs criteria
Costly Inefficient Drainage Layout For An Undulating Pavement

Costly inefficient drainage layout for an undulating pavement

Optimum Drainage Layout For A Flat, Level Pavement

Optimum drainage layout for a flat, level pavement

2. Drain performance

Pedestrian safety is as much about pond free pavements as it is heel safety.

Slot size and inlet hydraulics are trade-offs, in leafy, silty or littered environments. This topic requires serious consideration if trench drains are positioned across thresholds to buildings or other sensitive areas.

ACO can offer hydraulic calculations with blockage factors applied for both grates and channels. For more information relating to this topic visit ACO Drainage Solutions.

drain performance


ACO has had an ongoing involvement with WRL at the University of NSW (UNSW), specifically in the area of grate hydraulics.

Aco Grate Customisation Service

‘From Art to Part’ – ACO’s grate customisation service

3. Bespoke grates

Pavements can interact physically and visually with the environment. ACO can deliver a grate that can help the designer communicate a contextual message e.g. heritage impact. For more information relating to this topic visit ACO Drain Grate Customisation article.

ACO will manage this project from ‘Art to Part’. Contact ACO directly to request this service.

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