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Standard 'Designer' range

The ‘Designer’ range comprises a selection of pedestrian friendly grates and continuous slot inlets compatible with ACO’s precast modular Polycrete® Channels and fabricated stainless steel trench drains. Systems are available in a variety of widths, depths, lengths and load ratings suitable for urban pavements and protecting buildings from stormwater.

ACO offer the industry’s widest range of removable foot friendly grates in various materials including stainless steel, galvanised steel, ductile iron and plastic for a number of different load classes and standard widths namely 50mm, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm. See ACO’s load class guidelines, to learn more about specifying durable grates.

Heelsafe Anti-slip Criteria

Versatility for pavement design

Draining flat pavements in the urban environment is challenging. The 0.5% internal slope in ACO’s modular channels help to minimise undulations in the pavement for pedestrian safety.

ACO’s Polycrete® Channels provide a continuous sloped run in flat pavements.

  • 40 metres in one direction (end outlet)
  • 80 metres in two directions (central or end outlets)

See ACO’s pavement design guidelines, to learn more about the integrating drainage for safe pavements.

locking gratesLocking of grates

ACO offers a choice of locking mechanisms. DrainLok is a patented, barless and boltless locking system that provides quick fitting and removal of grates that helps reduce installation time, maintenance time and cost.

See ACO’s grate security page, to learn more about easy access for maintenance.

Available as part of a complete drainage system

  • Lockable grates for 50mm, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm modular channels with 0.5% built-in fall within the channel
  • General purpose, heavy duty and shallow depth drain systems are available.

  • A range of drainage systems are available designed to protect the building from the ground level up to the roofline
  • Shallow drainage systems suitable for restricted depth applications for balconies and thresholds
  • Green roof drainage systems designed to manage both surface and subsurface stormwater

To learn more about slip resistance and acceptable slot size for pedestrian traffic, visit ACO’s education pages.

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