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Signature Grates

The ‘Signature’ range comprises a large selection of stainless steel longitudinal grates with 3mm and 5mm wire.

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ACO ‘Signature’ grates

‘Signature’ grates can be made to any width, length and shape or made to suit ACO’ manufactured channels.

Possible applications include stormwater drains, building wastewater drains, floor matting, door thresholds, tree and HVAC grilles. The ‘Signature’ range comprises a large selection of stainless steel longitudinal grates with 3mm and 5mm wire.

The grate is constructed using advanced high frequency welding technology. By comparison, other grates available in the industry use conventional technology resulting in lower and more varied average joint strength and dimensions. ACO has access to technology that delivers optimum and even energy to each joint in the grate resulting in both superior and consistent joint strength. The consequences are long term dimensional and structural integrity over varied and demanding long term vehicle and pedestrian loading conditions. The superior welding process together with “in-process” surface polishing and post fabrication finishing treatment provides superior visual and dimensional finish to conventional manufacturing processes.

See ACO’s pavement design guidelines, to earn more about the integrating drainage for safe pavements. To learn more about slip resistance and acceptable slot size for pedestrian traffic, visit ACO’s education pages.

See ACO’s load class guidelines, to learn more about specifying durable grates. See ACO’s grate security page, to learn more about easy access for maintenance.

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Also available as part of a complete drainage system

  • Lockable grates for 50mm, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm modular channels with 0.5% built-in fall within the channel
  • General purpose, heavy duty and shallow depth drain systems are available

  • A range of drainage systems are available designed to protect the building from the ground level up to the roofline
  • Shallow drainage systems suitable for restricted depth applications for balconies and thresholds
  • Green roof drainage systems designed to manage both surface and subsurface stormwater
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