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All grates for surface drains must have a documented slip resistance rating. It is advisable that slip resistant grates are installed in pavements with a similar slip resistance rating

Slip resistance of grates

With the increase in litigation for injuries caused by slips, trips and falls, designers need to specify grates and floor surfaces that comply with the standard for slip resistance.

Slip Resistance

Testing for slip resistance of grates

Three tests are specified in AS 4586 to rate the slip resistance of a grate or floor surface:

    • Wet pendulum test is applied to stormwater grates installed in urban pedestrian areas.
    • Wet-barefoot inclining platform test is applied to grates installed in wet areas where footwear is not worn, for example pools, waterparks and beaches.
    • Oil-wet inclining platform test is applied to grates installed in commercial and industrial areas that may be contaminated with oil or grease, for example commercial kitchens and food processing factories.

A higher slip resistance rating does not necessarily provide a better solution

It is advisable that designers specify materials with a slip resistance rating suitable for the application. A trip hazard may occur when a grate has a higher slip resistance rating than the surrounding floor surface.

The Standards Australia Handbook SA HB 198: Guide to the Specification and Testing of Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces, provides the following information:

  • Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials compliant to AS 4586
  • Commentary on the National Construction Code (NCC) that references AS 4586 for particular applications
  • General guidance for specifying pedestrian safe materials
Reduce Risk Of Slip Resistance
Minimum Classifications Recommended In SA HB 198:2014 For Particular Applicaitons

ACO Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates have been tested for slip resistance in accordance with AS 4586. Grates are available in a wide range of slip resistance ratings, ensuring there is an ACO grate suitable for any external application.


To learn more about slip resistance visit ACO’s education pages.

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