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ACO's philosophy on pedestrian safe surfaces

The importance of pedestrian and shared areas in our cities is being increasingly realised. These areas include public domains, community areas, streetscapes, schools, business parks, car parks and private developments. Urban designers have the responsibility to ensure that public spaces are functional, attractive and safe for pedestrians.

ACO believes that effective stormwater management is required for a durable and long-lasting pavement and foot friendly grates are necessary for pedestrian safety.

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bespoke drainage grates at Pitt Street MallPitt Street Mall

In Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, architects designed a bespoke drain to harmonise with the surrounding urban elements and historical context of the area as well as abiding to WSUD principles. The major refurbishment of the public domain accommodated a central trench drain system where the pattern on the grates visually imitates the trickling of water to remind us of the original underlying Tank Stream. The grates, illuminated from beneath at night, are fit for foot traffic, emergency and maintenance vehicles, as well as functioning to collect stormwater from the pavement and adjacent awnings. The underlying ACO channel then diverts it into surrounding vegetation.

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